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About Us

Work Meaningful Foundation started because our Founder believed education is a gateway to a better tomorrow. Many of the Board Members are either from the continent of Africa, have direct ties to the continent of Africa, or have been deeply moved by the brilliance already existing there and want to make a difference both on the continent of Africa and the country of the United States.

Our Why

The Work Meaningful Foundation positively impacts the next generation by providing responsible financial support toward educational initiatives on the continent of Africa and the country of the United States. We believe that every child should have access to quality education, and this is a contribution toward this amazing goal!

Our Story

The birth of the Work Meaningful Foundation was sparked by the founder Justin Jones-Fosu’s visit to his dad’s home village in Ghana in 2019. After seeing the joy in the children’s eyes at a local school, Justin wanted to make a powerful impact by asking the school’s leadership what they needed rather than assuming. This led to the donation from Work Meaningful of 90 dual desks and access to clean water, which was unveiled during an event at the Akyremade Primary and JHS School outside of Kumasi, Ghana. The schools assumed the money came from a charity and added “Foundation” after Work Meaningful. As a result, Work Meaningful Foundation was born.

Inspired by the impact of his donations and realizing that he can’t do this alone, Justin felt compelled to create a charity where others could help positively impact education, leading to the construction of a new middle school and other projects. His commitment to improving education in both his homes, Ghana and America, led to the expansion of the foundation’s vision to include other countries on the continent of Africa.

Our Founder

Justin Jones-Fosu, Founder and CEO of Work Meaningful, is a dual citizen of Ghana and the United States. Born in Michigan, he has deep roots in both countries, as his father was born and raised in Ghana, while his mother is from Baltimore, Maryland. Both of his parents were educators. Work Meaningful, LLC (different than the non-profit) is Justin’s workplace learning and development company, which focuses on the intersection of employee experience and diversity & inclusion.

Our Board

100% of our board members have committed to financially supporting the Work Meaningful Foundation annually.

Our Finances

All donations made to the Work Meaningful Foundation are 100% directed toward supporting educational initiatives. Administrative costs for running the non-profit are covered by Work Meaningful LLC through a 5% pledge of company funds. This includes expenses such as website maintenance, hosting, staff, and other necessary administrative costs to ensure the smooth operation of the foundation. Annual reports will be filed and shared with all interested parties.