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Annual Event

Every September on Kumasi Day (September 19, 2023) we host a cultural fundraiser and gala in Charlotte, NC to raise money for educational initiatives on the continent of Africa.  Get more information at AfroCareCLT.Org

Current Initiative:

Our big goal is to raise and donate more than $1,000,000 annually to support educational initiatives on the continent of Africa and the country of the United States. Currently, we are working in partnership with the Akyremade Primary and JHS School in Ghana to enhance the educational experience for its students. In 2023-4, we are building a new middle school building to provide adequate space for students to learn. Our main objective at this school is to provide educational access to 200-300 students who are currently not enrolled in school, and we are committed to making this a reality over the next few years.

Past Initiatives

In 2020, we provided 90 dual desks; in 2022, we built a water borehole to provide direct access to clean water as well as other building improvement projects.